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Value Creation

Our Vision and Principles

Our goal at Open Alfa is to develop 'optimal open solutions' that harbor the potential to emerge as highly disruptive innovations that generate significant value for a wide spectrum of stakeholders, including patients, consumers, innovators, investors, regulators, business organizations and society.

Before any project is added to our pipeline, any prospective idea or optimal solution is thoroughly assessed and must comply to the following guiding principles:

The prospective solution eliminates or significantly reduces a critical problem or financial loss to stakeholders (e.g. patients, consumers, producers, innovators, regulators, investors, organizations) and society.

The proposed solution is ethically sound and can be developed with existing technologies, even if it requires considerations that go beyond current local regulations or market constraints.

The proposed idea will be considered a best-practice by key market players, industry regulators, investors, consumers and/or producers.

Once the proposed solution is implemented or adopted by stakeholders, it can be quickly edited, adjusted and adapted in response to unexpected changing market conditions.

By adopting or using the proposed solution, the stakeholder will adopt an open business model and an ‘alfa’ leading role that can further generate market value or operational efficiencies and synergies.

The proposed solution introduces a level of technological sophistication that is unique and difficult to replicate.

Adopting the proposed solution will provide a significant economic benefit to its users or market stakeholders. The solutions provided by Open Alfa strive to improve at least one of the following stakeholder indicators: discounted cash flow, net present value, revenue growth, margin rates, equity valuation, or stock price.

Adopters of the proposed solution will benefit from increased cash flow.

Our Process

Open Alfa applies a systematic process to create the most efficient solutions, which involves the following steps:

Understanding and recognizing the critical issue

This is the very first stage of our creative process. During this phase we deeply analyze and understand a critical issue by listening to our stakeholders, key opinion leaders and regulators. 

We observe the market dynamics and measure the current outcomes that are causing the issue. We focus on summarizing the key concepts, concerns and ideas and gather further information about the issue. During this stage, we limit ourselves to understand all the different dimensions and elements composing and surrounding the issue.

Data testing and preliminary ‘proof of concepts’

Data, concepts, and ideas are all synthesized, brainstormed, and tested. We focus on gathering all data about the issue and surrounding the issues (e.g. what are the macroeconomic, clinical, agronomic, geographical, political, logistic, etc. issues that are impacting the price of any given product or service). To provide early 'proof of concepts,' critical facts and ideas are strengthened, linked, and associated. The effectiveness and consistency of all 'proof of concepts' and 'assumptions' are then re-tested.

Identifying outcomes and prospective solutions

During this stage, several 'proof of concept' and 'essential assumptions' are identified and tested further, considering all dimensions of the problem.

Each 'proof of concept' is re-designed or re-formulated until the issue is significantly reduced or eliminated.

The best solution is examined and tested with an initial sample of real data within a controlled environment. This proposed solution delivers the outcomes needed to significantly mitigate or eliminate the issue. This phase ends when the best solution is identified, feasible to develop, and complies with our value creation guiding principles.

Business project formation

This is the phase where we determine the organizational and operational needs. We embark into the journey to equip ourselves with the necessary talent and expertise to design and create the full version of the best solution that was previously tested in a limited and controlled environment.

Once a first pilot version has been fully completed, we tested once again to verify the quality and consistency of its outcomes.

During this stage, the best idea becomes a real application, is fully operational, delivers the expected results and is ready to be presented to stakeholders including investors.

Showcasing a start-up project for investors

Our proposed solution is deeply explained to investors that agree with our guiding principles and core values.

Stakeholders, especially investors and regulators, see a significant value in our proposed solution and are willing to become early adopters.

Stakeholders confirm that the proposed solution brings a competitive advantage and/or generates a significant financial benefit.

Start-up pre-launch

Along with stakeholders and investors, we will identify if the developed application has the potential to become a ‘star solution’ or a ‘stand-alone star solution’, based on the following:

Star solution

The business solution is highly innovative and has the potential to provide its stakeholders with a significant competitive advantage and financial gains.

Stakeholders are eager to implement the business solution, and they confirm that adopting this solution will give businesses a competitive advantage and financial benefit.

While providing services/products to stakeholders, Star solutions will likely function within the Open Alfa enterprise.

Stand - Alone star solution

The business solution is highly innovative, with the potential to have a significant and widespread market impact.

The business solution can be considered an enhanced methodology, a novel business model or a new market channel.

A solution that will almost certainly emerge as a separate business and has the potential to become a publicly traded company.

Launching of a promising startup to the market

Open Alfa, in collaboration with stakeholders and investors, will develop and agree to launch our innovative solution to the market in accordance with our value creation guiding principles.

During this phase, Open Alfa will also assess and welcome investors who wish to participate actively in the executive board and strategic decision-making processes of stand-alone organizations.