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Open Biopharma

An open global software platform where Biotech, Pharmaceutical, Cell, Gene, and MedTech manufacturers can freely offer and commit to selling their medicines and therapies at the best (lowest) price under ideal contractual conditions (e.g. clinical outcomes, taxes, payment terms, currency, returns policy, data privacy, and so on).

The tool also enables regulators, manufacturers, and buyers to commit to these price and contract conditions for a specific group of healthcare institutions and/or a specific cohort of patients based on their prescribed medication or therapy.


Significantly reducing the risk that life-saving and critical medicines/therapies will not reach patients.

Adopting a model based on a highly transparent methodology for negotiating prices and forecasting demand and supply for each therapeutic condition.

Increasing revenue without diluting profits required to fund/protect critical R&D activities.

Simplifying and optimizing the pricing and contracting process between manufacturers and healthcare institutions. 

Reducing inefficient commercial and administrative costs caused by the lack of a global contracting and pricing platform.

Sustainable Development goals