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Open Alfa Consulting

A results-driven consulting team that assists organizations in identifying key strategic priorities and implementing critical changes needed to improve top and bottom-line performance. We work with a model where fees are paid based on agreed upon outcomes, rather than the traditional hourly-rate model used by most consulting firms.

We focus on the areas of business management, financial planning and analysis, budgeting and forecasting, and financial operations. Furthermore, we use scientific and technical data to produce comprehensive financial forecasting models and robust standard operating procedures. We also assist clients in evaluating investment opportunities such as development deals, in and out licensing, mergers, acquisitions, and business integrations.


Consulting fees are contingent on the successful implementation of agreed-upon strategies and the achievement of specific objectives or outcomes.

Allocating resources and prioritizing activities based on optimal and measurable financial results.

Implementing client-specific solutions that address the challenges and issues impacting a business organization.

Sustainable Development goals