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Medicines and Therapies Exchange

An innovative open exchange platform that introduces a new and unique way to price and trade innovative medicines, treatments and devices to government-approved healthcare agencies and institutions. MTX employs a virtual currency issued by manufacturers that is linked to a fixed USD value for each medicine, therapy, or device.

From an asset valuation and financial transparency standpoint, MTX requires manufacturers to issue virtual currencies only after real stocks of regulatory-approved medicines and therapies are available to be produced, sold and distributed in a market/geography. 


Accelerating access for innovative technologies and treatments to patients across geographies.

Optimizing and maximizing the dynamic purchasing power healthcare institutions have given their broad reach of patients.

Protecting manufacturers from inefficient price erosion and margin dilutions to manufacturers caused by current market practices and regulations.

Promoting pricing harmony/parity across geographies and a transparent use of public health resources


Sustainable Development goals