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Hanpi Phytomedicines

Hanpi Phytomedicines is a pioneering company dedicated to cultivating, researching, and sustainably developing native medicinal plants found in the South American jungles, Amazon rainforest and Andean mountains.

They specialize in the formulation of phytotherapies, prioritizing organic cultivation without chemical pesticides or fertilizers. Hanpi is also committed to protecting endangered native plants and empowering underdeveloped ethnic groups through sustainable economic activities.


Preserving and protecting endangered native plants, contributing to the conservation of biodiversity in the South American jungles and Amazon rainforest.

Our 100% organic cultivation methods promote sustainable farming practices, minimizing harm to the environment and ensuring the purity of their herbal products.

By involving native and underdeveloped ethnic groups in their activities, Hanpi creates opportunities for these communities to participate in a sustainable economic activity that respects their traditional knowledge and practices.

Hanpi's dedication to research and development ensures the creation of high-quality phytotherapies, derived from native plants, with the potential to offer safe and effective natural remedies.

Hanpi’s work helps protect and preserve the cultural heritage of indigenous communities by promoting the sustainable use of medicinal plants deeply rooted in their traditions.

Consumers can support eco-friendly practices by choosing Hanpi's products, knowing that the company's commitment to sustainability extends to every step of the cultivation and formulation process.

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